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Nendoroid Ooi has been worked on too!


2-5 clear yaaaaaa 


Kantai Collection update 2014-05-23:

  1. Addition of Kai 2s for Light Carrier Ryuujou and Heavy Cruiser Haguro
  2. Addition of Extra Operation 2-5
  3. Addition of a new Kagerou Class Destroyer, Urakaze
  4. Suzukaze Kai and Samidare Kai have received new lines
  5. Addition of new quests, BGM, equipment
  6. Type Two Aircraft Reconnaissance Planes can be developed
  7. Various UI Updates

i still have those 3 extra haruna…

i remember back then when i was trying to get all the kongou sisters, i used haruna as my flagship when i was constructing and everything ended up being haruna. just haruna. i made 3 harunas in a row using haruna as my flagship